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Critical (P1)FeatureTC-677Modello Settings App needs to support localization in the UI, messages and notificationsJimmy HuangScoping
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-812Tizen needs to support display of splash video animation from cold start in 2 secs or lessPeter ZhuClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-857Dual view display supportAdam AbramskiScoping
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-1398Refactor vehicle web API implementation with W3C draft spec - Milestone 2Kevron ReesScoping
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-2329[Crosswalk][M2-WAP6] Web API to set system locale settingsBrian JonesScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-656Modello Settings: list telephony networksJimmy HuangScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-657WiFi-Direct support in ConnmanAndrei LaperieApproved
Major (P2)FeatureTC-663Multiple numbers in messaging appJimmy HuangScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-665Support Common Connectivity FrameworkMartin XuScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-685Access control to UI Manager APIsJohn WhitemanScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-689Modello Settings: Control contact syncing between BT paired device and HUMikko YlinenScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-691Modello Settings: Telephony settingsJimmy HuangScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-696Miracast support of some content to the IVI HU (sink)Andrei LaperieScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-702Voice enable SMS/MMS appJimmy HuangScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-707PDK - Flashing an IVI image from command lineTracy GraydonScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-717Implement DLNA Media Render Web API specFrancesco BalestrieriApproved
Major (P2)FeatureTC-718Access control of comms to system controllerKrisztian LitkeyScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-719Transmit, Receive and display text messages to/from Messaging app on IVI head unit via a BT connect device Jimmy HuangScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-722Using contact with messaging appJimmy HuangScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-762Provide Nuclear pageflip WestonKristian KristensenScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-765Overlay/sprite HW accelerationKristian KristensenScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-776Support VirtualizationDominig ar FollScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-782AVB: Integration of multimedia frameworksJanos KovacsScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-818Minimal image sizeMikko YlinenClosed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-820Port Messaging App to BlueZ 5.xJimmy HuangClosed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-846Ethernet AVB and PAJanos KovacsScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-851Sync of user data and permissions from the cloudGeoffroy Van Cutsem [X]Scoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-853PDK needs to support developing using C/C++ codeTracy GraydonScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-863Modello Multimedia player needs to support streaming media from a BT connected deviceBrian JonesScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-875DLNA: DTCP/IP supportRichard BellScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-880Provide Nuclear pageflip Kernel IOCTLVille SyrjalaScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-947WiFi-Direct driver support in kernelOssama OthmanResolved
Major (P2)FeatureTC-966PDK needs to support ability to remotely debug codeTracy GraydonScoping
Major (P2)FeatureTC-1783Enable debug mode for web apps launched by tizen.application.launchFrancesco BalestrieriApproved
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-39[3.0] No action while clicking dialer volume buttonJimmy HuangScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-655Modello Settings: connect to a BT A2DP source and HSP deviceJimmy HuangScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-658Modello Media player needs to support localization and changing language dynamicallyBrian JonesScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-659Modello Settings: Control a way to turn on and off DLNA DMSsJimmy HuangScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-669Modello Phone should support use of TTSJimmy HuangApproved
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-674HTML5 DMC supports displaying content on seperate DLNA device over WiFiBrian JonesScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-675Finish 4000 mp3 files basic attrs indexing within 20s.Tony TangApproved
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-684Saving last used volume level of each web appImran Zaman [X]Scoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-688Modello Phone support for voice dialing Jimmy HuangScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-708Modello Phone needs to support ability to store and track list of favorites Jimmy HuangScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-713STT support in Messaging appJimmy HuangScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-724SMS over 4GCaiwen ZhangScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-761Haptic Device InputAdam AbramskiScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-778[M1-HWA9] Video conferencingBrian JonesScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-787Fastboot - 1.5 seconds to rear camera after BIOS handoffNeo FangResolved
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-788Use NFC to select vehicle's main mobile device for audio routingMikko YlinenScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-7934G/LTE supportRashad BarghoutiScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-795DLNA v2.0 certificationRichard BellScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-800Automatic audio routing to BT headset using NFCOleg ZhurakivskyyApproved
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-809Update Firmware OTA, or by disk or keyAdam AbramskiScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-827Switch phone call and audio output from BT headset to vehicle audio speaker from BT connected deviceAdam AbramskiScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-828Modello Settings app, create new preferences to configure the Rygel plugin to LMSMikko YlinenScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-833Miracast support for content-protected video/contentAndrei LaperieScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-835Notes: Voice dictationJimmy HuangScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-843Perf - time to capture and save imagePeter ZhuScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-862Zone-based volume controlJaska UimonenScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-867Protect Personal DataAdam AbramskiScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-873Support audio record through bluetooth headsetJaska UimonenScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-877Update middleware OTA or by disk or key Adam AbramskiScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-916Refactor Tizen media-server to use LMSDominig ar FollApproved
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-1652Modello Phone: Display call history from BT connected phones (W3C Telephony API)Jimmy HuangScoping
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-1654Modello Phone: Refactor to new Contact API (W3C)Jimmy HuangScoping
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-784HDMI init in parallel to other initAdam AbramskiScoping
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-790Policy routing Web APIsKrisztian LitkeyScoping
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-792Multi ECU audio management supportJanos KovacsScoping
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-804[M2-BT1] Two simultaneous voice over BT linksLuiz DentzApproved
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-815DLNA: Native content aggregationRichard BellScoping
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-819DLNA Dynamic renaming of DMS and DMRRichard BellScoping
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-823Parental control and sharing of content from front seat to rear seat over 2 different network connected IVI systemsMikko YlinenScoping
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-866Detect malicious attacks or corruption of firmware downloadedAdam AbramskiScoping
UndecidedFeatureTC-1646Create Tizen-specific NSM state machine implementationMikko YlinenScoping
UndecidedFeatureTC-2011Vehicle Web API: Implement history()Kevron ReesScoping
UndecidedFeatureTC-2460EFL 1.13 upgradePhilippe CovalScoping
UndecidedFeatureTC-2543Update Pulseaudio to version 6.0 (or newer)vivian zhangScoping
UndecidedFeatureTC-2544Update Pulseaudio to version 6.0 (or newer)vivian zhangScoping
UndecidedFeatureTC-2545Update Pulseaudio to version 6.0 (or newer)vivian zhangScoping
UndecidedFeatureTC-2546Update Pulseaudio to version 6.0 (or newer)vivian zhangScoping
UndecidedFeatureTC-2547Update Pulseaudio to version 6.0 (or newer)vivian zhangScoping
UndecidedFeatureTC-2548Update Pulseaudio to version 6.0 (or newer)vivian zhangScoping
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