Version 3.0 IVI M2


Start: 29/Jun/13

Released: 15/Jan/14

Release Notes

2013 milestone 2 for IVIShow more
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-363[M2-AU3] PulseAudio 4.0 + patches added to the systemJaska UimonenClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-366[M1-AP6b] BT settingsJimmy HuangRejected
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-367[M2-SDK2] SDK needs to support vehicle web APIsYangang HanClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-368[M2-BT15] BlueZ 5.7+ for BT HFP 1.6 and AVRCP 1.4+ supportAndrei LaperieClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-371[M1-WAP1a] Add TTS Web Speech APIsBrian JonesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-372[M2-PIM3] PIM integration of SyncEvolutionPatrick OhlyClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-373[M1-MU4] SMACK in policy mgmtKrisztian LitkeyClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-374[M2-AC1] -Secure access to AMB properties Kevron ReesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-376[M1-VWA1] Create web API for attributes of vehicleKevron ReesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-377[M2-LM2] Integrate GENIVI Layer Management APIs supportOssama OthmanClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-378[M2-SDL2] Add SDL template on IVI HU to display and control SDL app running on handsetOssama OthmanClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-379[M2-PERF3] HW acceleration of H264/VP8/Theora video playbackhalley zhao [X]Closed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-380[M2-SA24] Unknown WiFi access point supportJimmy HuangClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-384[M1-HWA10] Perf - H.264 video encoding at 720phalley zhao [X]Closed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-385[M2-SEC7] cGroups need to be enabledMichael DemeterClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-387[M1-WAP4] Implement W3C Web Notifications API specJoone HurClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-389[M1-SF2] Zypper install patternsMikko YlinenClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-390[M2-WGL5] HW acceleration of CSS animationskalyan kondapallyClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-391[M1-HWA12] Perf - H.264/VP8/Theora video playbackhalley zhao [X]Closed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-393[M2-SEC9] Security review of DLNA projectMichael DemeterClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-395[M2-SA16] Settings: show list of BT connection properties and statusJimmy HuangClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-396[M1-HWA5] Perf - Video stream bitrate (encoding)halley zhao [X]Closed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-397[M2-DLNA5a] DMR support over WiFiRegis MerlinoClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-399[M2-WGL6] HW acceleration of CSS transitionskalyan kondapallyClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-400[M2-DLT2] Use DLT component for LoggingMikko YlinenClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-402[M2-MUR2] Saving last used volume level of each native appJaska UimonenClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-403[M1-AP6e] Date/Time settingsJimmy HuangClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-404[M2-WA13] Wayland: Skip XKB processingOssama OthmanClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-407Need a couple sample apps on how to us the various IVI web APIsZiv Chang [X]Closed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-409[M2-PIM2] EDS server 3.8 or greaterPatrick OhlyClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-414[M2-PIM6] implement PIM web API specJenna EsquivelClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-417[M2-SDL3] SDL over WiFi or BTOssama OthmanClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-418[M2-BT4a] Kernel support for wideband speechArtem BityutskiyClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-421[M1-MU7] AMB plug-in for policy mgmt Kevron ReesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-423[M2-WA11] Wayland: prioritizing one input event over anotherOssama OthmanClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-425[M2-BT4] Wideband speech supportAndrei LaperieClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-426[M2-SDK5] Support WaylandMax Yu [X]Closed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-427[M1-VWA2] Create web APIs for driving postureKevron ReesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-429[M2-WGL1] Performance target Canvas2D and Canvas3D - 30FPSkalyan kondapallyClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-430[M1-HWA11] Perf - H.264/VP8/Theora video playback at 1080phalley zhao [X]Closed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-431[M2-SEC6] SMACK enabled for all componentsMichael DemeterClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-432[M1-WA4] Ability to display multiple windows/apps on a single screenOssama OthmanClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-433[M1-VWA6] Create web APIs for OEMKevron ReesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-434[M1-EAVB2] Add gptp and mrpd daemonsTracy GraydonClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-435[M2-SNS7] Zypper pattern for WRTMikko YlinenClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-436[M2-SNS3] Wayland 1.0 or greater supportRusty LynchClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-440[M2-PIM5] Integrate work done over past 8 monthsPatrick OhlyClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-442[M1-HWA13] Seek forward and backward with videohalley zhao [X]Closed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-444[M2-SNS2] systemd support Rusty LynchClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-446[M2-PIM1] PIM presents contacts in order of languagePatrick OhlyClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-447[M2-MUR4] Refactor needed between Murphy and Multi Sound Manager componentsJanos KovacsClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-449[M2-WA8] Integrate Wayland 1.2 upstream release into Tizen 3.0 Ossama OthmanClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-450Create Rygel plugin to interface with LMS componentJussi KukkonenClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-451[M2-BT2] Support for core v4.0Andrei LaperieClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-452[M2-UIC1] Create Day/Night mode showcase for EFL IVI applicationJimmy HuangClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-455[M2-DA9] Dialer: dial phone number to BT connected deviceJimmy HuangClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-456[M2-WGL2] WebGL supportJoone HurClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-458[M1-BT1a] BT HFP 1.6 supportAndrei LaperieClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-459[M1-VWA7] Get and callback operations for Vehicle Data Web APIsKevron ReesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-460[M2-MUR1] Integrate GENIVI Audio ManagerAlexander KanavinClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-462[M2-DLT1] DLT component packaged and integrated into the stackMikko YlinenClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-465[M1-PA1] PA version compatible with BT 5.xJaska UimonenClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-466[M2-SA25] Hidden WiFi access point supportJimmy HuangClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-468M2-COW1 Cowhide package integration with Tizen IVISalvatore IoveneClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-469[M2-AC4] Access control for app to app commsMichael DemeterClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-473[M2-TEL2] oFono 1.13 to support BT HFP 1.6Andrei LaperieClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-474[M2-SA3] Settings: list WiFi networksJimmy HuangClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-477[M2-SDK12]Support adding IVI imageMax Yu [X]Closed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-478[M2-SDK14] Boot up using IVI imageMax Yu [X]Closed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-479[M2-SA3] Support search WiFi NetworksJimmy HuangClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-480[M2-WA12] Wayland: allow multiple seats per outputOssama OthmanClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-483[M1-VWA3] Create web APIs for control to bodyKevron ReesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-484[M2-PERF1] HW acceleration of video encoding with H264 at 720phalley zhao [X]Closed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-486[M1-WAP1] Add W3C Web Speech APIsBrian JonesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-487[M1-KER1] Kernel - needs to include AVB driverTracy GraydonClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-492[M1-BT11] Control media thru AVRCPRashad BarghoutiClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-493[M2-UIC2] Integrate UI components and packagesSalvatore IoveneClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-494[M2-WA1b] Virtual keyboard application for Tizen/WaylandEduardo LimaClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-495[M2-SDL1] Integration of SDL into stackOssama OthmanClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-497[M1-WA1] Virtual keyboard input methods in Wayland/WestonOssama OthmanClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-498[M2-SA26a] Changing of WiFi password settingJimmy HuangClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-500[M2-WES3] Integrate GENIVI Weston IVI plug-in Ossama OthmanClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-505[M2-BT14] Support Tizen device APIs for Bluetooth and bluetooth_frameworkMartin XuClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-506[M1-BT1b] BT AVRCP 1.4 supportRashad BarghoutiClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-507[M2-BSP1] Creation of BSP for BBArtem BityutskiyClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-509[M1-HWA1] Video acceleration using a web apphalley zhao [X]Closed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-510[M1-DLNA12] WRT plugin for DLNA Web APIsLuc YriarteClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-512[M2-SDK1] SDK support the use of an emulator for Tizen IVIMax Yu [X]Closed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-513[M2-SNS5] RPM patterns for foundation components onlyMikko YlinenClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-518[M2-WGL10] HW acceleration of WebGLkalyan kondapallyClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-519[M2-SDK3] SDK need support of a Tizen IVI simulator using vehicle web APIJun WangClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-520[M1-MU2] Routing of audio from multiple sources to multiple zonesJanos KovacsClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-521[M1-CM2] WiFi tethering providing wifi access point for mobile devicesMartin XuClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-523[M2-AMB1] Support for vehicle zonesKevron ReesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-525[M1-VWA9] Create web plug-in for Vehicle Web APIsKevron ReesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-526[M2-PERF2] HW acceleration of a web app using H264/VP8/Theora video playback halley zhao [X]Closed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-527[M2-WAP6] Web API for locale settingsKevron ReesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-528[M1-GCL1] Change vehicle APIs used by GhostclusterKevron ReesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-531[M2-VR7a] Integrate open source voice engine and TTS projectsBrian JonesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-532[M1-VWA7a] Set, Supported, and Get History operations for Vehicle Data Web APIsKevron ReesClosed
Critical (P1)FeatureTC-534[M2-SNS6] Wayland zypper patternMikko YlinenClosed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-381[M1-WAP3] Assign DOM event name for bezel buttonsKevron ReesClosed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-394[M1-BT13] Media metadata thru AVRCPRashad BarghoutiClosed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-401[M2-SA1] Settings: ability pair a new BT device Jimmy HuangClosed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-438Patch for enabling two HDMI portsArtem BityutskiyClosed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-445[M1-HWA15] Multiple video streams simultaneouslyhalley zhao [X]Closed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-448[M1-HWA6] Take a pic halley zhao [X]Closed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-461[M1-BT14] Search media thru AVRCPSebastian ChladClosed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-470[M1-HWA14] 2x seekhalley zhao [X]Closed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-471Update to latest weston/mesaWang QuanxianClosed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-482[M1-NFC3] WiFi Provisioning thru NFCRashad BarghoutiClosed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-485[M1-HWA3] Video HW acceleration with web pagehalley zhao [X]Closed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-496[M1-WAP8] Create Web API to change system locale settings Kevron ReesClosed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-499[M1-VWA5] Create web APIs for navigation/HUDKevron ReesClosed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-511[M2-UI] Separate out documentation and sample apps from source codeyongchao chenClosed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-529[M1-DLNA11] Trusted networks Ludovic FerrandisClosed
Major (P2)FeatureTC-533[M1-BT12] Now playing list thru AVRCPRashad BarghoutiClosed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-369[M2-MU10] Policy manager needs to resolve audio conflictsMatti-Pekka SivosuoClosed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-370[M1-HWA2] Video acceleration with a native apphalley zhao [X]Closed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-383[M2-KER1] Remove USB OTG supportArtem BityutskiyClosed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-386[M2-SA23] Settings: enable/disable BTJimmy HuangClosed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-405[M2-WA10] Wayland: Multiple independent cursorsOssama OthmanClosed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-408[M2-DLNA4] Sample DMP needs upload sync controlRegis MerlinoClosed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-412[M2-SA15] Settings: BT pairing statusJimmy HuangClosed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-419[M2-VR1] Native APIs for voice recognitionBrian JonesClosed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-443[M2-SNS1] 64 bit Tizen IVI image creation supportAdam AbramskiClosed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-453[M2-WGL4] HW acceleration of CSS 3D transformsJoone HurClosed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-463[M2-SA21] Settings: delete a paired BT deviceJimmy HuangClosed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-464[M2-MU11] Policy manager supports event notification to native appsJaska UimonenClosed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-475[M2-DA9] Dialer - One button redial last number dialedJimmy HuangClosed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-490[M2-SA14] Settings: pairing of multiple BT devicesJimmy HuangClosed
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-517[M1-WAP7] Web API to capture IVI screenAdam AbramskiRejected
Normal (P3)FeatureTC-530[M2-DLT4] DLT- Support capturing of stack logs in runtimeMikko YlinenClosed
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-364[M2-BT8] Obexd v5.4 or greater supportSebastian ChladClosed
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-398[M2-BT5] Support for BT HID 1.0Rashad BarghoutiClosed
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-410[M2-WA2] Ability to move apps back and forth between diff displaysOssama OthmanClosed
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-411[M2-BT9] Obexd version lock-step with Bluez versionAdam AbramskiClosed
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-467[M2-DLT3] Provide wiki documentation on use of DLT viewerMikko YlinenClosed
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-502[M2-HC1] Support HDCP 2.0 to Stream Protected ContentMichael DemeterRejected
Minor (P4)FeatureTC-522[M2-WGL8] HW acceleration of CSS fixed elementskalyan kondapallyClosed
UndecidedFeatureTC-375[M2-SEC3] Integrity protection mechanism for the root file systemMichael DemeterRejected
UndecidedFeatureTC-406dLeyna - Web APIs the expose dLeyna componentsLuc YriarteClosed
UndecidedFeatureTC-424Enable EFIVARS in kernel Artem BityutskiyClosed
UndecidedFeatureTC-437AMB DBus method FindObject should return an array of objects instead of a single objectKevron ReesClosed
UndecidedFeatureTC-439DBus API needs findProperty methodKevron ReesClosed
UndecidedFeatureTC-457[M2-LMS8] Pull LMS into Tizen buildMikko YlinenClosed
UndecidedFeatureTC-476[M2-SA2] Scan for BT devices to connect to Jimmy HuangClosed
UndecidedFeatureTC-489[M2-HWAD1] Create EFI bootable IVI imagesTracy GraydonClosed
UndecidedFeatureTC-508Enable H.264 HW accelerated video stream capture from camerashalley zhao [X]Closed
UndecidedFeatureTC-514AMB needs DBus methods for findPropertyForZone and zonesForPropertyKevron ReesClosed
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